First time solo journey – let’s go!

July 7, 2020

International travel on your own for the first time is sure to be one of the more nerve-racking experiences you will have, but it will give you an extreme satisfying sense of independence resulting in feeling if you can do this, you can do anything!!

Heading to the airport with your loved ones knowing you will soon be saying your goodbyes for 6-12 months, embarking on a journey to the other side of the world. It will bring that dreaded goofball-lump feeling in your throat and a few tears are sure to be shed. But don’t worry, in an airport environment you’ll fit right in!

When you’re questioning your decision if this was the right choice, the key is to remember why you chose to take this opportunity and in the midst of packing like crazy, running around to ensure you haven’t forgotten any of your favourite items that you just couldn’t imagine living without, fight off those nerves knowing this journey will be life changing and you are about to create memories that you will hold close for the rest of your life.

You’re all check in, your baggage on the way to your plane, you have a spare 30 minutes to enjoy a coffee before big hugs and off through those heavenly like international departure doors – FREEDOM!!! And your solo journey begins.

Traveling alone really does open your mind in a way that no other experience can. Being solely responsible of yourself, yet so out of your comfort zone. This is where the magic happens. You’re forced to meet new people and through conversations this is where the biggest learnings come from. Talking to people from all walks of life. The variety of cultures that you realise exist is mind blowing. We get so used to living in our comfy bubble, forgetting what else is out there. But when you are out there it’s just the most exhilarating feeling of freedom, happiness and you will be filled with total gratitude.