About us

The Internex World group have offices in Australia, Canada and New Zealand and since 1998 we have placed over 20,000 participants into placements in almost every industry sector.

We are dedicated to helping students, graduates and culture-seekers improve resumes and gain life skills through our internships, farmstays, work experiences and volunteering opportunities.

We believe that when it comes to understanding and succeeding in today’s world, practical, international experience is one of the most invaluable and sought after qualities.

Our programs help to create highly employable, global citizens. Our staff have all lived and travelled extensively and will make sure you have a safe and successful experience when you travel abroad with us.

We take pride in partnering with respectful, caring hosts that look after our participants in their global journey.

If you are interested in exploring the world then apply today, or send our team an enquiry with any questions you have.

If you are wanting to host one of our participants find more information here.

We look forward to welcoming you on one of our programs soon!

Our Vision


To provide the highest quality of professional and personal development services to participants who aim to gain practical experience and a more global mindset and to the hosts supporting them in this goal.

Our Mission


To promote personal success at all levels and facilitate the achievement of our participants, host organisations, and staff through experiential programs that foster a deeper understanding of our multicultural global community.