New Zealand

Rangitoto Island, Auckland, New Zealand

Located in the South Pacific Ocean, 2000km from Australia, New Zealand boasts some of the world’s most diverse landscapes and uniquely friendly people. The country is also considered one of the world’s safest for travellers, despite its passion for adrenaline sports like jet-boating and bungy jumping. From Auckland’s waterfront to the vineyards of Marlborough, from the ski slopes of Queenstown to national treasure Great Barrier Island, New Zealand is full of places and experiences to discover.

Although it has a population of just 5 million, New Zealand has a robust economy and is known around the globe for its rugby team, the All Blacks, and its thriving film industry, which has produced movies such as The Lord of the Rings.

Kiwis, as the locals call themselves, are generally down-to-earth people who work hard but enjoy a beer on the weekend. Some of their most iconic phrases include “she’ll be right!” (meaning “everything will work out fine”) and “sweet as, bro” (“that’s great”).

INTERNeX are New Zealand specialists and offer several exciting and immersive cultural exchange programs throughout the country. You could do a professional internship in a major centre like Auckland or Wellington, work the summer tourist season in a beach or lake town, help out on a traditional farm and learn the Kiwi way of life, or help protect the country’s birdlife while working in a native forest. Whatever you choose, our local INTERNeX representatives will ensure you have the time of your life.



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Country New Zealand / Aotearoa
Capital Wellington
Largest city Auckland
Population 5 million (125th largest in the world)
Language English / Maori
Climate Temperate Maritime
Currency New Zealand dollar
Export industry Tourism, Education, Agriculture, Services, Technology
Driving side Left
Calling code +64
Country size 268,021 km² (76th largest in the world; about the same size as United Kingdom or Italy)
GDP $203 billion (51st largest in the world)
Interesting fact Auckland has the greatest number of boats per person anywhere in the world.
Weird but true The sheep rule! There are 9 sheep for every person in New Zealand

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