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Hospitality Jobs


As a working holiday maker thinking about traveling to Australia, you may be interested in arriving with a job already lined up. Fortunately, we can help you with that! We are partnered with hotels, resorts, and tourism providers across Australia, and we have year-round job opportunities available.

You could work in a world-class tourism destination or metropolitan city centre such as a 5-star hotel next to the Sydney Opera House, a luxury lodge in the Daintree Rainforest, or near Uluru. We also have job opportunities at an island resort on the Great Barrier Reef, an outback station in the Red Centre, or a surf hostel along the East Coast, or campsites in Kakadu. The choice is yours!

We offer a range of job opportunities in food and beverage service, kitchen, guest services, front desk, retail, travel sales, and guiding. If you don’t have much experience, we also have loads of back-of-house roles where you can get your first work experiences.

Placement locations and durations vary. Front-of-house roles are typically 6 months, while back-of-house roles in more remote locations or seasonal locations such as ski resorts are typically 4 months. We offer three types of placement:

Remote Tourism Locations, including places like Uluru, The Great Barrier Reef, and Tasmania where staff accommodation is available.

Touristy Towns, including places like Port Douglas, Palm Cove, Byron Bay, and Noosa, and the ski fields where you live in local hostels with other working holiday makers.

City Placements, including world-class destinations like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane where you live in local student accommodation or find your own flat share accommodation with our support.

Work hours may be part-time or full-time, with generally 25 to 40 hours per week across the season and earn $23-$27/hour. You may work 4-6 days per week, and you need to be available for work on evenings, weekends, and public holidays, as these are busy times for hospitality and tourism businesses. You’re likely to be busiest during school holiday periods, from Christmas through the middle of February, and during Easter in April.

We recommend leaving some time before or after your placement to travel and see Australia. We work with several backpacker travel companies who can show you the best of the country. If you’re keen to travel before or after your placement, let us know, and we’ll advise you about travel options before you book your flights.

This is an excellent opportunity for young adults who want to combine adventure with security. For just $925 USD, you’ll receive a job offer, support for housing, airport transfer, 3 nights of hostel accommodation upon arrival, and a welcome orientation where you’ll meet other travellers with similar interests. During the orientation, we’ll help you set up a bank account, tax number, and provide all the necessary resources to start working in Australia.

If you’re unsure which location is best for you, you can discuss it with your placement supervisor in your initial consultation interview.

If you are unsure which location is best, you can discuss it with your placement supervisor in your initial consultation interview.

What’s Included?

  • Interview with Internex Program Supervisor to discuss the best locations and jobs for your background

  • Interview with Australian employer(s)

  • Placement Agreement

  • 3 Night Arrival Package

  • Welcome orientation

  • Accommodation support

  • Visa and travel support

  • Bank account and Tax number (TFN) support

  • Tour and activity bookings

  • Local Advice

  • 24/7 Emergency Number

  • Ongoing support from our local team throughout your stay in Australia

  • Certificate of completion

Program Fees

$49 Program deposit – Pay prior to Internex consultation and receiving visa support

$438 Program fees – Pay prior to Hotel/Resort Interview

$438 Remaining Fees – Pay prior to receiving Placement Agreement

Total – $925USD (check your exchange rate here)

More about fees here

Typical Hospitality Companies

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Restaurants and Clubs

  • Hostels and Backpackers

  • Adventure Tourism Activity Providers

  • Campgrounds and holiday parks

  • Retail outlets and Souvenir Shops

  • Tour operators and rental companies

Typical Hospitality


  • Food and Beverage Attendant / Waiter

  • Front of House / Guest Services

  • Chef / Cook / Kitchen

  • Customer Service and Guest Services

  • Tour Guide and Travel Sales

  • Back of House Roles

Hospitality Job Requirements

  • High school leaver or above

  • Aged 18-30

  • Ability to effectively communicate in English with clients/colleagues

  • Ability to work for 20+ weeks

  • Completed online application form and provide relevant documents (resume, motivation letter, references etc)

  • Working holiday visa

How many hours per week will i work?2022-07-14T18:26:28+12:00

You are considered a seasonal full time employee which means that your hours are not guaranteed. Hours vary according to company demands however the average is approximately 30 per week across a full season. (Note: if you are on a work permit as a part of a study program the maximum you can work per week is 20 hours per week). These hours are not guaranteed, due to the nature of the tourism industry. You will be given a roster (that is subject to change) by your manager 1 or 2 weeks in advance of your shifts. You are expected to be available on the weekends and Public Holidays and evenings. Note: Internex and your agent are not responsible for hours because this industry sector is highly susceptible to seasonality and factors beyond its control such as exchange rates, snow conditions, airline traffic and so. You should expect to have enough money to support yourself in Australia for at least 2-3 months in case hours are lower where you are working.

Can I stay in Australia after the end of my placement?2022-07-14T19:03:33+12:00

You can stay in Australia as long as your permit/visa allows.

Can i take other Internex programs before or after my program?2022-07-14T19:01:07+12:00

Yes; so long as you have the necessary permits, visas, and are applicable to the program.

Will i get any kind of certificate?2022-07-14T19:00:19+12:00

If you are good at work you may get a reference letter, not all companies offer them to casual workers, however if you complete your placement you can request a certificate from Internex.

What tax should i pay?2022-07-14T18:59:20+12:00

Income Tax is the percentage of your income that is collected by the tax department. Personal income tax is payable at the time the income is earned, and when you work in Australia your employer should deduct tax at source at the required rate. If you have paid too much tax (or too little!) you should file an income tax return. The tax year ends June 31 every year in Australia. Internex is not a registered tax agent and cannot give advice on tax however all information you require is available at or

Is food included?2022-07-14T18:58:42+12:00

If you are going to have homestay accommodation 2 meals per day is included, however the host company meals are not included. Some hotels have staff cafeterias where you can receive discounted meals when you are on duty but this is not guaranteed. It is your responsibility to buy food and cook food in your accommodation. You should anticipates spending about $100 per week on food however some people spend less and some spend a lot more.

What is the grooming policy of the companies?2022-07-14T18:57:59+12:00

Hair must be neat. For females, hair must be tied back when it is a safety issue. For males, hair must be above the collar and cut to mid-ear length at the sides. Jewellery should be worn in moderation. Women may wear one earring of the same size in each ear. Men may wear one small stud or ring. Other facial jewellery or exposed body piercings must be removed while at work, such as tongue rings or studs. Personal hygiene is important and aftershave and perfume should be kept to a minimum.

Will i get time off work?2022-07-14T18:57:13+12:00

Yes, you will definitely get free-time, however you are not guaranteed any holidays during your placement period. Should you need time away from the placement then you can request this from your manager. All time off should be requested when the hotel/resort is quiet, i.e. during the off season and not during the weekends or public holidays. Remember, the holiday times are the busy times in hotels and resort communities. More information will be covered in your personal employment contract with your employer.

What uniform is required?2022-07-14T18:56:27+12:00

This depends on the position you are offered. It is advisable to bring black pants and work shoes as well as a collared shirt in case there is any opportunity to meet any hotel representative prior to starting your placement. It is also advisable to have a pair of non-slip comfortable shoes if you are working in a back of house position. Some positions and some hotels may ask you to purchase some additional uniform (up to $200) however most provide the majority of the uniform you will need. Some may ask for a deposit on your uniform and this is returned when the uniform is returned in good condition. Some placements require you to be outside so in winter you may need to purchase thermal clothing. All uniform requirements will be specified at the time of the placement offer.

what things do i need to bring for my accommodation?2022-07-14T18:55:43+12:00

We recommend all candidates to bring sleeping bag, and pillow cases and a pillow if you have space in your luggage or you may prefer to buy it in Australia. Some accommodation provides this but not that many do, so it is generally better to bring your own. You should also anticipate needing bedding, towels, toiletries and clothing for all weather conditions.

How do i find accommodation when im working?2022-07-14T18:54:21+12:00

Some hotels and resorts in more remote locations offer short term or long term staff accommodation to their staff, and in some locations you are expected to find your own share house accommodation. Internex assists you to find accommodation during the time at their placement and we never send people to places where it is known to be difficult or we cannot secure accommodation in advance for you. In general, expect to pay one month damage deposit for accommodation and about $130 – $225 per week in share house accommodation. If staff accommodation is available it is usually shared with 1 or 2 others sharing the same room, 5-6 sharing the same bathroom and up to 15 sharing the same kitchen but will cost less. Homestay or Residence may be available in some locations. Information on housing will be provided when your job offer is sent to you.

What happens if I lose my placement or I am fired?2022-07-14T18:53:08+12:00

If you are fired with good reason as per your employment contract with the company Internex holds no responsibility for finding you another position or any other support; however if you are fired for no good reason we will support you into a new position. If you are fired for good reason and you are not on an open working visa then we are obligated to inform Australian immigration.

What if i accept a placement but do not like it?2022-07-14T18:51:54+12:00

We expect all candidates to go through a period of home sickness in the first month or so of the placement and expect a period of adjustment in this time. If after this first month you believe the placement is not what you expected, you can contact Internex and explain the situation. If there is a valid reason for wanting to change locations that fall outside the scope of your contract (example; abuse in the work-place) then Internex will talk with the host company to ensure that the reason for change is valid. If the reason is valid then placement search will begin. When a suitable placement has been found then Internex will inform your current employer that you are giving two weeks notice. Only then can you move location. If the reason for the request for change is not valid then there will be no replacement. ALWAYS speak to Internex before you make any decisions. If you quit without following the correct steps Internex will not offer any support or replacement. In All situations, 2 weeks notice must be given to an employer before departing the company.

Can I go with a friend or partner?2022-07-14T18:49:30+12:00

Yes you can. We have a lot of success with friends/partners getting placements at the same resort or in the same tourism community; however, it cannot be guaranteed and requires both people to be more flexible in the location and the type of placement.

Can i ask for a promotion or advance in the company?2022-07-14T18:28:44+12:00

The first 3 months of your term with the host company are considered a probation period and you may not apply for any advancement or change of position. After 3 months you may apply for a change of position provided you meet the minimum requirements of the position you would like to apply for. These positions are usually advertised internally at the company. When you apply for the new position, the employer will usually ask for an additional 6 month commitment and will usually ask for a reference stating that you have not been late, absent or received any warnings for any reason from your current manager.

How long as i expected to stay with the host company for?2022-07-14T18:27:54+12:00

Participants need to commit to a full season or longer. We would like all participants to be able to commit to 22 weeks. Placements may not be longer than 6 months as per visa restrictions, however we can make 2 placements at different locations if they would like a 1 year placement. Please note this will incur 2x placement fees.

Why should I choose Internex?2022-07-14T18:00:40+12:00

The team at Internex have worked in the youth education and travel industry for over 20 years, so we know how to make your overseas experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.  Our team have all lived, worked, and studied overseas and know firsthand the challenges of moving to a new country and will be there to support you every step of the way. 

We’ll make sure you know what to expect and how to prepare, we’ll take care of any practical difficulties you may have, and our local representatives will ensure you are happy and looked after while you’re away. 

Internex is also dedicated to providing the best quality programs at affordable prices. Accommodation and meals (where included) make up the bulk of a program’s cost. Remaining fees are for our local representatives who ensure you’re taken care of in every country we represent.

We meet all our participants on Zoom or in person to learn more about them.  We personally visit our hosts to ensure the highest standards and when you live with one of our hosts in homestays or farmstay we collect criminal records and have them complete an application form to ensure they understand the expectations of our participants. 

We are not a search engine, we are real people that ensure this real experience is as good as it can be and all stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome.

We want you to be safe and happy while you learn and have fun abroad!

How much money will i earn?2022-07-14T18:25:34+12:00

All participants for this program are paid prevailing wage rates for Australia . This can vary depending on the location and time of year. Number of hours per week are not guaranteed and are based on performance and business of the employer. Please note, tipping is not expected in Australia. You can visit the following link to see prevailing wage rates:

What companies can i be placed at?2022-07-14T18:24:52+12:00

Internex works with 2, 3, 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts, restaurants, companies that support hotels (like cleaning companies) mountain biking resorts and golf resorts, retail stores, cafes, car rental companies and franchise food stores, and can therefore make the best fit for you and for the property / company Note: Every company has individual minimum requirements for entry to the hotel, no matter what the position. Some people that may be able to get a front desk position at a 3-star hotel in a more remote area may not be even able to get a housekeeping position in a more popular tourist area. It is important to decide what is more important, the position or the