“Everything is going wonderfully. My homestay family have made me feel at home and ensure that I am comfortable at all times which is lovely. Also, the food is delicious which is great! For my internship, I have been given plenty of opportunities with diverse tasks and two weekends where I did samplings. My manager has been a great mentor and helps me understand the market so overall, everything has gone beyond my expectations! So really thank you for your help with finding these two amazing places. I couldn’t have asked for something better” 

Kyan, Belgium, Business Internship, March 2023

“Everything at my placement is going really well. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience while I am abroad”

Julia, Denmark, Architecture internship, March 2017

“I’m enjoying New Zealand! Last weekend I went to Northland and it was really nice ! At work for the moment it’s fine! The people are kind. My host family is soooo great I couldn’t have dreamed better!”

Sarah, France, Business administration internship, October 2019

I’m having a great time so far. I really like my host family and I have had a great weekend with the other INTERNeX interns. The first days of my internship were good too. The bus system is so different from Germany but it’s totally fine to get to my workplace. So up to now I am really happy about my start here. Thanks a lot!”

Christine, Germany, Business administration internship, June 2018

“The first day in the company was really good, including the people and the environment.”

Jessie, China, Finance internship, July 2018

“My internship is going very well, they teach me many things and I’m enjoying it. I did many things during my first few weeks such as visiting Auckland and the surrounding area, it was very nice and pleasant. I really appreciate all the things INTERNeX did for me”

Fabian, France, Graphic design internship, Feb 2017

“We have so much to do for the whole day. It is so nice to be here at the school taking my internship. The first two weeks in the Museum were also great! I’m so enthusiastic that I never want to go home”

Jo-Ann, Germany, Primary school education internship, January 2018

“I am doing very well, my homestay family is definitely the best that could happen to me and my internship is also fine”

Christin, Germany, Early childhood education internship, October 2017

“I’m fine, I have a very nice time here. My placement is very nice, the teachers I’m working with are very nice to me and the students are lovely”

Daniel, France, Early childhood education internship, October 201Special education internship, February 2018

“Hi Christopher, I want to give a very positive feedback regarding the homestay family and the internship you got for me. Sally is really awesome and does not hesitate to teach me new English words and I have learnt a lot about New Zealand with her. Catherine and her team are also really nice and it is the perfect internship to discover NZ!”

Florent, France, Export and logistics internship, February 2020

“Hi Cat, thanks for getting in touch, the first day went well, I was mostly in training. It has been great so far and I’m loving the weather”

Theo, UK, NGO Internship, January 2020

“Everything is great! What a nice country you live in 🙂 Tomorrow I will explore Auckland a bit more with my friends and we will meet with some other girls in the evening to watch the All Blacks’ rugby game. The internship is going ok, the people are very very nice and I have had the opportunity to get to know the business a bit better”

Annelies, Belgium, Marketing and PR internship, July 2017

“I am having a great time, thank you very much. A call to tell you more about my remote internship would be great. I look forward to speaking to you”

Katie, UK, Remote research internship, November 2018

“Things are going really well! I’m working a bunch and learning tons of new stuff. It’s been pretty amazing so far”

Andy, USA, Sports internship, July 2017

“It is so much fun to work here and the internship meets my expectations. Thank you INTERNeX for helping find this for me”

Paul, Germany, Sports internship, April 2017

“My time in New Zealand was/ is amazing. Nice people, nice culture, beautiful nature. It’s just awesome”

Soraya, Belgium, Sports internship, September 2017

“I am enjoying my placement so far and have a part time job too. The lifestyle is treating me well”

Chloe, UK, Sports internship, January 2020

“Franko undertook a diverse range of tasks during his time with us, assisting the team with management functions of a portfolio of apartments and undertaking daily accounting tasks to support the finance team. Franko’s primary role was to implement our health and safety software. This involved the setup of our individual sites, including the identification of site-specific hazards; health & safety plans; and contractor induction and management. I found Franko to be an intelligent, motivated and focused individual, who was highly dependable, responsible, and courteous. The quality of Franko’s work was outstanding and his eye to detail added significant value to our business, especially in the area of health and safety. Franko is an extremely task orientated individual and required very little oversight and direct management. This was especially important for four weeks of Franko’s internship, with the country being in lock-down due to COVID-19. During this time Franko worked autonomously, diligently and always achieved the deadlines placed on his work. Franko will be an asset to any organisation, and I can confidently recommend him for any position or undertaking that he chooses to pursue. I wish him all the best for his future endeavours”

Real estate internship host company, Auckland

“Hi Natalia, I am doing great! Everything has been good so far. I was on one of the tours last weekend (Rotorua/Taupo/Waitomo) and it was really fun. I will be going to Hobbiton next weekend with my friend from Finland who is in New Zealand for a  couple of weeks!”

Julia, Finland, Tourism internship, July 2019

“Everything is good and I had really a great time at my homestay family. They show me a lot of beautiful areas in Auckland. About my internship, it is also great and enriching for my future work life. Moreover, speaking English all the times with people whose mother language is English is definitely a challenge and I like it”

Damien, Belgium, Engineering internship, February 2018

“I’ve had the best time here in New Zealand! I just finished up my research with the geckos yesterday and I’m still volunteering for the conservation department. I’ve met some incredible people here and the rangers treat me like I’m one of them. I’ve had an amazing experience and it’s going to be really hard to walk away from this park”

Berlin, USA, Environmental research internship, March 2019

“The INTERNeX team take their time to get to know the interests of their candidates to find the perfect fitting program for them. They really help the people with everything and make sure they have the best experience”

Bart, The Netherlands, Tailor-made internship, September 2014

“I am taking my internship with a Global Media Company specifying in commercial production and brand management. I have been working together with the friendliest people for about a month now and it is awesome! What I do is assist wherever I can in all the production parts. This includes writing scripts and drafts, selecting stills and videos, editing, working with advertising, social media and helping out at shoots, just to name a few. I enjoy being a part of it all, but I love being a part of the production the most, as you get to see new locations and learn a lot while working on set. I can definitely recommend taking an internex internship, as you get to work and learn a lot about the industry in practice and how it actually works in a commercial production company”

Louise, Denmark, Film and TV production internship, February 2016

“Everything is going great! My Internship is informative, and the team is great! Homestay is also going very well. I managed to surf 10 times already and I will try to surf whenever I get the chance”

Stijn, Belgium, Construction internship, February 2018

“Thank you so much for all the help and the orientation. My internship has been really interesting and I am learning a lot of new things and the accommodation is perfect – a beautiful beach right in front of me! Once again, thank you.”

Jian, China, Marine research internship, July 2018


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