In addition to arrival packages we also include or offer long term accommodation on all of our programs. If accommodation is not included in the program e.g. Farmstays or Staff Accommodation we offer the following options:

Homestays – (Canada and New Zealand)

A safe and fun way to get to know the local culture and way of life in a new country is to live with a local host families.

You receive your own bedroom, shared bathroom and kitchen, utilities, Wi-Fi, breakfast and dinner and are expected to help out with cooking and cleaning. You should treat your hosts like you would treat your own family and we expect our hosts to treat you like a son or daughter.

When we know the location of you work, internship or volunteer placement we will find a family that has suitable public transportation routes to your new home. You will then receive a complete homestay profile with the name, address, phone number and description of the family, information on public transport to the city and to your internship, school or work experience location.

The minimum booking period is 28 nights and you must give 14 nights notice if you want to move out of homestay. Please note that homestays are usually booked out well in advance so it is best to book homestay for the whole period you will be taking your program, so you are not disappointed if you love the family and want to extend.

Homestays are available in Vancouver, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Breakfast and dinner are included with Homestay. All snacks, lunches, and any special dietary requirements such as soy milk or gluten free bread are your responsibility to purchase. It is common that your family will be working full time and any children may have conflicting schedules so you may also be asked to prepare your own meals and to help out with cooking meals for others. If the family is not going to be home there will be some heat and eat options available. Breakfast in New Zealand is usually simple, consisting of toast and jam, cereal, or fruit and sometimes eggs and pork. You will prepare your own breakfast. Dinner is the largest meal for most Anglo Saxon countries and is often eaten in the early evening. If there are smaller children, this can be as early as 6pm and if there are not little children more like 7.30pm. Meals will depend on the season and your host family’s ethnic origins. If you plan to eat out or not be home for any reason you need to let your family know well in advance so they do not prepare a meal for you and they know your whereabouts.

Wifi is included however some families may have limited data packages. You need to ask if they have unlimited data and if you can use the data for face to face calling and streaming. You should also ask when it is ok to make calls so it does not interrupt meals or any planned time with the family. If they do have a limited data package you need to limit your internet usage to plain text and no face calling.  If you make long distance calls from the host family’s home, you must use a calling card or make collect calls.  Find out when you can receive calls and for how long you can keep the phone busy.

If you are sharing a bathroom with other members of the family, find out when is the best time to have a shower and for how long. Most families will expect showers to be less than 5 minutes each, two times per day. It is your responsibility to provide your own bathroom supplies such as shampoo, body wash, toothpaste etc. You should keep the bathroom clean and give it a proper clean each week.

Consult with your host family upon arrival about how and when you can wash your laundry. The family will provide you with washing detergent but if you prefer another type then you should purchase this yourself. Hang out your washing on the line or clothes horse wherever possible. Most families try to limit the usage of the dryer to keep energy costs down.

You need to arrive on the Sunday prior to the start of your placement and you must be able to check in to the host family before 9pm at night. If your flight arrives after 7pm you may need to stay in a hotel for your first night at your own expense. Check out is 10am on your last night which must also be on Sunday. Minimum Host family booking is 28 nights and you must check out on the same day of the week you check in. i.e. you will check-in on Sunday and check-out on Sunday.

Let us know the number of nights you would like to book when you make your application and we will reserve a room for you. Minimum nights 14.

Cleanliness: You are responsible for keeping your room clean. You are expected to remove your plate and utensils from the table after meals and to help with chores around the house. When the family is cleaning common areas it is good for you to offer to help with vacuuming or mopping the floor etc, and to help out with cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom. If the family keeps a vegetable garden you may like to help with this if you have the time.

Student Hostels – (Australia and New Zealand)

If you are looking for an independent lifestyle we are partnered with several excellent hostel where many of our interns, volunteers and workers live.

You will have your own small, private bedroom with fridge, single bed, writing table, lamp and wardrobe. You share the bathroom and kitchen with other guests on your floor. On the bottom floor there is a communal area with pool table, sky TV, chill out area, outdoor area, gym as well as coin-operated laundry facilities. This is a fantastic location if you want to live the downtown lifestyle. Make sure you book well in advance for the full period of your stay as rooms do sell out.

Student Hostels are available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland

You are required to make their own bed and keep their rooms tidy. pictures, posters etc to the walls, as they are likely to cause damage. Electric heaters or cooking equipment are not to be used in rooms (microwaves are permitted with management’s permission). Each room contains: 1 pillow, 1 towel, 1 under blanket, 1 pillowcase, 1 continental quilt, 2 sheets, 1 chair, 1 rubbish bin and a fridge.

There are shared female only or male only bathrooms. These are large and cleaned often to a very high standard. You are required to supply all of your own toiletries. There are also separate toilets on each floor.

You will have an employment agreement with your family so you know how many hours you will work per week. If you are working the minimum 20 hours then you will have lots of spare time to explore the area. However, leaving the farm will depend on the location of the farm and if you have your own transportation. You cannot expect your host family to drop you off / pick you up from the bus stop all the time.

If you wish to go away for some days or weeks during your time at the farm discuss this with your host family and they are usually very accommodating. Please note you will not be refunded for weekly costs for time that you are away from the farm.

We recommend you leave some extra time before or after your placement to see some of the country. We work with excellent backpacker travel companies that can show you the best of New Zealand, South East Asia and Fiji. Enquire with us about travel options before you book your flights so we can plan your added travel before you depart.

No meals are included. Commual kitchens are available.

Wifi is not included but can be purchased from reception. Where computers are available for internet access the Guest agrees to refrain from accessing pornographic or obnoxious sites and shall comply with all other instructions, rules and regulations which may be promulgated relating to the use of computers.

Linen is changed once a week.

Check in after 2pm. $200.00 payable at check in including $40 letting fee, refundable bond of $140.00 and a key deposit of $20.00 This shall be refundable upon departure at the discretion of management.  Check out before 10am on the departure date. Luggage storage is available at reception.

Let us know the number of nights you would like to book when you make your application and we will reserve a room for you. Minimum number of nights 14.

Visitors: Residents are welcome to have a visitor however they are the responsibility of the resident whilst on the premises. Guests are not allowed on premises without the resident. Every guest must be signed in and out at Reception. No visitor is allowed on the premises between the hours of 11pm and 8am unless they have registered at Reception and paid a $20.00 charge to stay overnight. If you would like to have a visitor stay the night, visitors must be registered and prepaid at reception before 10pm or else they will be turned away at 11pm.

Reception Hours: Staff are available to assist you at Reception between 7am and 11pm. If you need to contact reception, please dial 0 on the grey phone.

Alcohol, Drugs or Firearms are not permitted on these premises. Failure to observe these rules will result in immediate eviction.

Noise and security: In consideration to other guests please keep noise to a minimum at all times and especially between 10pm and 8am.  The Main Entrance is locked at 11pm and opened at 6.00am. A security guard will be on duty between these hours to give you entry. Don’t be offended if you are asked to produce ID or proof of staying here. It is advisable to keep your rooms locked at all times, as office staff will accept no valuables. Please note that you should not lend your room key and it is an offence to have it copied. It is advisable to have adequate insurance to cover your property.

Message/Phone: Outgoing calls can be made from the Telecom card phones situated on each floor. An additional telephone is located in the same kiosk and our Reception staff are happy to page you when calls arrive. When you are paged press #51 then answer your call. Incoming calls will only be announced between 8am and 10pm after which time a message may be taken. Please check regularly for messages and mail at Reception.

If you have any further questions please read our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact our team anytime.