Traffic Lights and Travel Bubbles

Traffic Lights and Travel Bubbles November 3, 2020 International travel with traffic lights or travel bubbles… the future of travel in 2021 looks interesting. As Australia, New Zealand and The Pacific Islands wait and hope for a travel bubble, it is interesting to see how other countries that have Covid in [...]

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Summer Internships

Summer Internships October 21, 2020 In this increasingly difficult job market you need to show you can stand out from the crowd and a summer internship is the ultimate way to demonstrate this. An internship over summer shows future employers that you are to be taken seriously and you are the real [...]

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How Remote Internships lead to future job opportunities

How Remote Internships lead to future job opportunities August 26, 2020 - Will I get a proper internship experience if I'm working remotely? - How can I fit into a company's culture if I'm not actually there? - How will this help me find a job in the future? These [...]

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Remote Internship Pro’s and Con’s

Remote Internship Pro's and Con's July 30, 2020 During the current health and economic crisis that has enveloped the world, more students are looking for ways to gain international experience and reduce the cost of an internship abroad. One of the ways to do so is by taking a remote internship. A [...]

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The benefits of doing an internship

The benefits of doing an Internship July 8, 2020 Finishing full-time study can be a strange time. You’ve probably had lots of fun, made life-long friends and, hopefully, enjoyed your classes. But it can be hard making the transition to the working world. You probably have little real-world experience; your skills might [...]

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First time solo journey – let’s go!

First time solo journey – let’s go! July 7, 2020 International travel on your own for the first time is sure to be one of the more nerve-racking experiences you will have, but it will give you an extreme satisfying sense of independence resulting in feeling if you can do this, you [...]

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