How Remote Internships lead to future job opportunities

August 26, 2020

– Will I get a proper internship experience if I’m working remotely?

– How can I fit into a company’s culture if I’m not actually there?

– How will this help me find a job in the future?

These are very valid questions and ones we hear quite often as we place more and more remote interns.

The way we work has changed and may never return to how it was before. These questions come from a pre-Covid mindset.

Organisations are no longer focused on the physical locations of their workers (and interns) but rather on the performance, time management, and goal-setting ability of these workers.

It no longer matters where you are when you work. What matters is that you have a work station, access to technology, a strong internet connection and a dedicated attitude. Remote interns, just the same as traditional in-person interns, can do meaningful work for an international company and learn lots, all from the comfort of their own homes.

We’ve had remote employees for many years, with staff working from Honolulu, Berlin, Amsterdam, Cayenne, Tauranga, and Adelaide. We had a staff member in Auckland work from home for seven years while she studied to be a doctor – and she was brilliant at her job. We had a digital copywriter working remotely from managed isolation and found outstanding workers on Upwork where we set tasks in our evenings ready for workers waking up in Karachi, and having the time difference actually worked in our favour for reaching goals and deadlines.

Remote is the new normal.

The world is catching on to the fact that remote working can even improve employees outputs. Research shows that productivity is greatest when workers are working from a comfortable environment: a Stanford University study showed that remote workers are 13% more productive on deliverables and 50% less likely to resign. (You can read more here.)

To keep up in today’s job market, you need to learn how to embrace remote working. You need to be up to date in new technology such as Zoom, Teams, Cloud storage, Access Privileges, CRM’s, database management, integrated email, home network security and more.

As more employers see the appeal of remote workers, people who know how to work from a distance will be in huge demand. That’s where remote internships come in. If you take a remote internship you’ll learn exactly how to succeed in a remote environment. You’ll learn how to listen, to work independently, to manage your own time and to meet goals and deadlines – invaluable skills when you come to looking for a full-time job.

We can find you an internship with a New Zealand, Australian or Canadian company in many different industry sectors. So what are you waiting for? Supercharge your resume and apply for your Remote Internship today.