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How much does accommodation cost?

2022-04-04T12:25:23+12:00February 11th, 2021|

Our long-term accommodation options will cost up to NZ$300 per week, including power, water, and gas. Some staff accommodation options (provided by your employer) may offer discounts on accommodation. 

What if there are issues with my placement?

2022-04-04T12:50:38+12:00July 6th, 2020|

We fully expect and hope that you’ll love your time on placement in all our host destinations, however, we are there  to support you if you have any issues. If you run into a problem while on placement, we encourage you to try and solve it on your own first, as we consider overcoming obstacles one of the benefits [...]

Will I get time off to see the country?

2022-04-04T12:51:04+12:00July 6th, 2020|

If you are traveling to one of our destinations we highly recommend giving yourself some time before or after your placement to see the country. When we are making your placement we will provide advice about how long you’ll need to see the country or any particular region before you depart. We’re partnered with several local travel organisations so [...]

Can I take more than one program?

2022-04-04T12:53:42+12:00July 6th, 2020|

Yes, you’re welcome to take more than one program and many of our participants in the past have done so. We offer a 30% discount on your second placement, a 40% discount on your third, and a 50% discount on your fourth.

When do I start my placement?

2022-04-04T12:58:06+12:00July 6th, 2020|

Placements usually start on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the program and location. You do need to be somewhat flexible depending on your host’s requirements. We’ll inform you when you receive your arrival package or placement agreement about your exact start date.

Can I do a language course before I start my placement?

2022-04-04T12:58:34+12:00July 6th, 2020|

Yes, absolutely. If you’d like to book a language course, we can arrange one for you in Auckland, Queenstown, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Vancouver, Whistler, Toronto or Honolulu before you begin your placement. Other cities may be available on request. Please contact us for further details on this option or book it in the online application form. We work with [...]

How much does transportation cost?

2022-04-04T12:58:53+12:00July 6th, 2020|

Transportation differs per city and country however you should budget approximately $50 per week for city transport. If you need to travel from your landing city to your placement then transport may cost between from $50-$250, depending on the mode of travel to get there. We also offer tours  with backpacker bus companies if you have more time and [...]

What happens at the orientation?

2022-04-04T13:01:51+12:00July 6th, 2020|

One of our local representatives will provide you with useful  information about your host city - including everything you need to know about living, traveling, working/volunteering. We'll talk about how to get around, where to meet people, how to get a SIM card and what the city’s must-do activities are. If you’ve booked a work program, we’ll also arrange [...]

What happens when I arrive and where will I stay?

2022-04-04T13:03:50+12:00July 6th, 2020|

If you’re travelling to another country or within the host country for your program, you’ll receive an arrival package before you depart. This includes information about customs, immigration, your transfer and accommodation, and what to expect on your journey and about your destination. If you’re travelling to another part of the country after orientation  you’ll need to book our [...]

I have more questions. Where can I go?

2022-04-04T13:13:50+12:00July 6th, 2020|

Take a look at the relevant project pages Programs for the project you are interested in and if you cannot find the answer to your questions please reach out to our teams via the Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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