Internships do not usually have a built-in holiday break, however we can arrange these on a case-by-case basis. If you have a set holiday date (as many local university and study abroad students do) or you have family visiting, for example, let us know during the interview process and we’ll arrange this time off with your host organisation when we negotiate your placement. Remember also, that once your placement agreement is in place, you’ll know your expected hours to be working and can plan your weekly time-off away around this.

If you’ve booked accommodation with INTERNeX, please note that you are not entitled to refunds on your accommodation fees if you are not staying in the accommodation during your any break from the placement. For this reason, we recommend you take holidays either before your internship starts or after it ends.

We’re partnered with several local travel organisations so you can book a travel package within New Zealand before you depart your home country and will discuss travel plans and options in your initial consultation and can book these for you when you confirm your arrival and departure dates.