We expect all candidates to go through a period of home sickness in the first month or so of the placement and expect a period of adjustment in this time. If after this first month you believe the placement is not what you expected, you can contact Internex and explain the situation. If there is a valid reason for wanting to change locations that fall outside the scope of your contract (example; abuse in the work-place) then Internex will talk with the host company to ensure that the reason for change is valid. If the reason is valid then placement search will begin. When a suitable placement has been found then Internex will inform your current employer that you are giving two weeks notice. Only then can you move location. If the reason for the request for change is not valid then there will be no replacement. ALWAYS speak to Internex before you make any decisions. If you quit without following the correct steps Internex will not offer any support or replacement. In All situations, 2 weeks notice must be given to an employer before departing the company.