You are considered a seasonal full time employee which means that your hours are not guaranteed. Hours vary according to company demands however the average is approximately 30 per week across a full season. (Note: if you are on a work permit as a part of a study program the maximum you can work per week is 20 hours per week). These hours are not guaranteed, due to the nature of the tourism industry. You will be given a roster (that is subject to change) by your manager 1 or 2 weeks in advance of your shifts. You are expected to be available on the weekends and Public Holidays and evenings. Note: Internex and your agent are not responsible for hours because this industry sector is highly susceptible to seasonality and factors beyond its control such as exchange rates, snow conditions, airline traffic and so. You should expect to have enough money to support yourself in Australia for at least 2-3 months in case hours are lower where you are working.