Remote Internships

Our Remote Internship Program is designed to give you local or international experience and ensure your resume stands out from the crowd without the need to travel to the internship hosts physical location. Although we have arranged remote internships for several years, the program has come into its own recently as companies have become used to remote workers and have advanced their technological prowess to ensure intern and worker productivity.

How does it work? You apply for an internship with INTERNeX and we place you with a host organisation in an international company in New Zealand, Australia or Canada. You then carry out your internship from the comfort of your home country using remote working tools and modern technology to connect with your international team. If borders and visas allow, you may also be able to join the team on-location at a later date.

Remote internships are available in an ever increasing range of sectors including; business administration, international trade, marketing, PR, and communications, research, design and we have even placed interns in the fields of teaching, Real Estate and Accounting. If you do not see your field listed then we will have a free of charge consultation with you to determine if a remote internship is possible in your field.

Like all our internships, remote internships can be full- or part-time in accordance with your university’s requirements. They can also be taken alongside your study or work in your home country and can be taken part-time or full-time. It’s up to you.

If you’re interested in a remote internship, please fill out our application form and let us know which country you would like to gain experience in and your field of interest. A member of our team will be in touch to interview you and place you with an appropriate host organisation. You will receive the full support of an internship coach throughout your placement.

Benefits of a Remote Internship?

  • Gain international experience at a fraction of the cost

  • You can do an internship in any country, including one you might not have otherwise been able to travel to

  • You’ll learn how to communicate remotely using new technology – a vital skill in today’s post-Covid world

  • You can do an internship entirely on your schedule, managing your hours around other commitments

  • You can undertake the internship from your own home, a coffee shop, or while you are on holiday.

  • You’ll get plenty of support during your internship from your INTERNeX placement supervisor and a dedicated internship coach

  • Reference letter from an international company

  • Join your host organisation later when you can


  • Currently enrolled in an undergraduate degree

  • Aged 18 – 45
  • Upper intermediate level of English or higher

  • Excellent organisational and problem-solving skills

  • Creative with an eye for detail

  • 4 weeks minimum, 24 weeks maximum (12 weeks recommended) can be longer to meet university requirements.

  • Criminal background check

  • Available for multiple digital interviews as required

  • Completed online application form and uploaded documents (resume, motivation letter, references)

Remote Internship FAQs

“Franko undertook a diverse range of tasks during his time with us, assisting the team with management functions of a portfolio of apartments and undertaking daily accounting tasks to support the finance team. Franko’s primary role was to implement our health and safety software. This involved the setup of our individual sites, including the identification of site-specific hazards; health & safety plans; and contractor induction and management. I found Franko to be an intelligent, motivated and focused individual, who was highly dependable, responsible, and courteous. The quality of Franko’s work was outstanding and his eye to detail added significant value to our business, especially in the area of health and safety. Franko is an extremely task orientated individual and required very little over site and direct management. This was especially important for four weeks of Franko’s internship, with the country being in lock-down due to COVID-19. During this time Franko worked autonomously, diligently and always achieved the deadlines placed on his work. Franko will be an asset to any organisation, and I can confidently recommend him for any position or undertaking that he chooses to pursue. I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.”

“Everything at my placement is going really well. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship”

Franko, GermanyRemote Real Estate Internship, Auckland 2020

It’s a simple answer, yes! More and more people and entering into remote internships due to the current restrictions that COVID has set upon our society. Taking a remote internship means you can gain almost all the benefits as an on-location internship without leaving the comfort of your home, or from anywhere you choose in the world. As long as you have a reliable internet connection and a chair to work on, you can start your process and apply for a remote internship today.

A remote internship is a period of supervised, unpaid, practical  training or experience for qualified students and professionals. Your work takes place at a physical distance from the internship’s host organisation, and is a time-limited, non-permanent, role. You do not need a visa to take a remote internship from your home country.

There are many websites, agencies and University advisers that can assist you in finding a remote internship, or you can utilise the professional services from INTERNeX. We will help you through the preparation stage (perfecting your CV and cover letter, and ensure you have all the correct documentation), then following an in-depth consultation with one of our Placement Supervisors will secure you a relevant remote placement and ensure your placement agreement meets all local labour requirements.

Once you have been placed with a suitable host your start date will be confirmed and you will carry out your placement from where ever you choose. Typically on your first day you will have an online skype or zoom meeting with your supervisor to discuss your role and get you started on some projects. Using remote working tools and modern technology to connect with your international team you will continue working on your tasks and projects while checking in with daily/weekly emails and linking in to join team/staff meetings. Many internship hosts already have remote staff and work across multiple time zones, so hosting a remote intern is not foreign to them.