Livestock and Dairy Farms

Agriculture is a backbone industry in Australia, and there are thousands of livestock farms dotted across the country. Helping on one of these farms, which include dairy farms, sheep farms, beef farms, and mixed cattle farms, offers travellers a unique opportunity to experience a key Australian industry and live the farming life.

Farm-related tasks you may be involved with include: milking cows, feeding animals, cleaning and moving animals, making hay, spraying weeds, water-blasting, gardening, mending fences, docking, and collecting eggs. In spring, you may also have to help with lambing and calving.

During your placement, you’ll also be expected to help out around the house, participate in family social events, and help look after the animals. You’ll spend time on food prep, cleaning, grocery shopping, helping in the vegetable garden, and playing with the children. (If you’re not interested in living with children, please let us know and we’ll find a family without children).


Tasks are usually varied and change from week to week and season to season. However, typical tasks include;

  • Milking
  • Calving
  • Cleaning
  • Moving animals
  • Making hay
  • Spraying weeds
  • Water-blasting
  • Mending fences
  • Using tractors and motorbikes (license required)
  • Lambing
  • Docking
  • Calving
  • Mowing lawns
  • Cleaning and filling water troughs
  • Looking after family pets
  • Collecting eggs
  • Gardening
  • Maintaining vegetable gardens
  • Other general farm duties
  • Helping with children and around the farmhouse
  • While living on the property you’re also required to help with domestic duties which are not considered work. For example; preparing and cooking meals, cleaning and washing your clothes, vacuuming, keeping your bedroom and living areas tidy, going grocery shopping and feeding the pets etc.

You’ll have a private bedroom in the main family home, or in a sleep out / cottage / detached room on the family property.

Most meals will be with your host family. If you’re travelling with friends or living with other volunteers, you may have some meals in your own cottage, but the food will be supplied. In general, you’re expected to help in the kitchen. If you’d like additional snacks, you’ll need to buy these yourself – and with regard to alcoholic drinks, you must get permission from your host family to bring this to the farm, and do so at your own expense. You are also responsible for buying any food that meets specific dietary requirements, such as vegan milks, gluten-free bread etc. 

Most families have WIFI that you can use for basic purposes, such as contacting your family, checking your emails, and occasional Skype calls. Please ask your host family before using the WIFI, as some locations have very limited reception and high usage charges. You’ll be able to buy data for your own mobile phone or personal device when you arrive in Australia.

  • Aged 18-45 (depending on visa type)
  • A love of animals
  • Keen to learn and motivated to help
  • Generally fit and healthy
  • Ability to effectively communicate in English
  • Understanding that farm animals are raised for human consumption
  • 4 – 12 weeks for those without previous experience / 4- 24+ weeks for those with previous experience (horse riding or farm work experience)
  • Able to obtain Working Holiday Visa, Work Visa, Visitor Visa, or work rights in Australia
  • Criminal background check
  • Health check
  • If vegan / vegetarian, be willing to purchase your own food
  • Completed online application and provide documents (motivation letter, experience levels etc)

What’s Included?

  • Online interview

  • Placement Supervisor

  • Farm placement with a suitable host family

  • Accommodation and meals

  • Pre-departure support

  • Flights, visa and insurance assistance

  • 3 Night Arrival Package (Airport transfer, 3 nights accomodation, breakfast, WIFI)

  • Welcome Orientation

  • 24-hour support service

  • Travel and local advice to placement and beyond