Internships in Auckland

Auckland, New Zealand

We place the majority of our New Zealand interns in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city and one which offers plenty of opportunities in the widest range of fields. Opportunities do also exist in any other part of the country on request.

Over the past decade, we’ve placed interns in nearly every industry sector in Auckland, including accounting, architecture, childcare, law, education, engineering, business administration, fashion, design, international trade, IT, finance, media, veterinarian work, marketing, sports management, events, and tourism. We’ve also made some extremely unique placements, including a funeral director assistant and a teleportation researcher.

With hundreds of host companies across Auckland, we’ve got contacts in all kinds of organisations and are well-placed to find your perfect placement. If you don’t see a vacancy or field that suits you, simply make an enquiry or apply for our tailor-made internship program, and we’ll find something suitable.

About Auckland

Auckland (or Tāmaki Makaurau as it is called in Maori) is New Zealand’s largest city, home to 1.65 million. Consistently ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world, Auckland boasts a vibrant balance of natural beauty and urban lifestyle.

Flanked by two harbours and dotted with more than 50 volcanoes, the city has a magnificent landscape. It offers everything from stunning beaches to hiking and picnic spots – while culture nerds can enjoy

Auckland’s iconic Museum, the Auckland Art Gallery, and street art and coffee in the inner city’s narrow lanes.

Auckland is home to a diverse population, including the largest Polynesian population of any city in the world. More than 200 nationalities are represented among the city’s inhabitants, making Auckland the fourth most multicultural city on Earth. A true global melting pot, Auckland is a uniquely friendly and interesting city, and a fantastic base to travel from.

Map of Auckland

Key industries in Auckland

Auckland’s economy generates more than NZ$100 billion each year and accounts for nearly 40% of New Zealand’s GDP. Although it has a presence in most industries, the city particularly excels in services including real estate, finance, insurance, tourism, and education.

INTERNeX has placed thousands of interns in these industries over the years, as well as in all kinds of smaller industries. Where an industry does not exist in Auckland or if you are unable to travel to Auckland or you want to depart Auckland for a change we also offer placements around the country.

Intern accommodation in Auckland

We offer two kinds of accommodation: homestays and hotel residence. Whichever one you choose, we can promise that your accommodation will be safe, comfortable, and no more than 60 minutes’ commute from your internship location (a standard commute time in Auckland).

In homestay accommodation, you’ll live with one of our registered host families in their home. You’ll have access to your own private bedroom, a shared bathroom and kitchen, and utilities including wifi. Breakfast and dinner will be provided, and you’ll be expected to help out with cooking and cleaning. Homestay accommodation is a great option for travellers wanting to get to know some locals and experience the culture and lifestyle of New Zealanders from the inside.

Hotel accommodation involves living in a downtown hotel. You’ll have your own private bedroom containing a fridge, single bed, writing table, lamp, and wardrobe. Bathroom and kitchen facilities are shared with other guests on your floor, and you’ll also have access to a communal area with a pool table, TV, and gym, as well as coin-operated laundry facilities. Hotel accommodation is perfect for those looking to have a more independent lifestyle while on placement.

When you book your program, you’ll be asked which kind of accommodation you would prefer. You can leave this blank if you’re already in Auckland, or plan to find your own accommodation.

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