Horse Riding Questionnaire

If you would like to stay on a farm with horses, please complete the following questionnaire to help us understand your previous experience. Riding opportunities depend on your experience and ability, and it is up to the host to decide if you are capable of riding their horses. This ensures the safety of both riders and horses. You can express your preference for the type of horse farm you would like to be placed on. While we cannot guarantee placement at a specific farm, we can discuss options during your interview. Please answer the questions openly and honestly, providing a realistic snapshot of your skills. We use this information to match you with a farm suited to your experience level. If you want the opportunity to ride at the farm, please submit a video of yourself riding. If you don't have a video, send photos showing you trotting, cantering, or jumping. Ensure the video and photos are clear and close-up, highlighting your posture and interaction with the horse. Sitting still on the horse does not provide sufficient evidence of your ability.

Please explain if you took long breaks during school years etc.
e.g. every day, 1 time per week, 1 time per month etc
If yes, how long did you have the horse for, what type of horse, age, etc?
If yes, how long did you have the horse for, what type of horse, age, etc?
If yes, what is the youngest horse you have ridden / looked after.
If yes, how confident are you and how many time have you done this?
If yes, please describe in detail what your tasks were.
Max. file size: 50 MB.
If you have a video of you riding please upload here. We will share this video with potential hosts to show your skill level.